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Celebrity-Studded Launch of new “Super Beauty Centre”

Many of Australia’s best-known (and best cared for) faces were seen at the launch of a uniquely holistic approach to beauty care on Tuesday night.

Drawn from the worlds of entertainment, the arts, media and the society pages, the guests heard about a new approach to beauty, being introduced for the first time in Australia.

Three leading experts in their fields – cosmetic physician, Dr Mike Shenouda, 2018 National Hairdresser Award winner (the fifth time he has won this coveted prize!) hairdresser John Azzi, and Sarah DiLorenzo, celebrity TV and “Talking Lifestyle” resident  nutritionist – were introduced as three key members of the expert line-up of image consultants delivering co-ordinated specialist services through the newly-opened  ‘<strong>Géniale</strong>’ establishment.

Located in Sydney’s harbourside suburb of Drummoyne, this elegantly fitted, three-story ‘total beauty care’ building will house 15 doctors; cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, gyneacologists and experts from many other beauty-related areas of expertise.  Their services will be provided through integrated programs tailored for the individual and coordinated by a personal manager.

“Recent advances in medical and beauty technologies have transformed cosmetic options, opening up a wider range of possibilities than could have been imagined only a few years ago and that make cosmetic aesthetics available to more than the privileged few”, explained Géniale CEO, Dr Mike Shenouda, who has trained in medicine and medical aesthetics in three continents.

At the opening launch function, he strongly emphasized that Géniale’s whole approach was to avoid invasive therapy.

This isn’t about surgery, in fact, I want to avoid my client feeling like they need to turn to surgery.  I wanted to create an environment where clients can explore what it will really take to make them feel beautiful.

“For example, a client may come in asking thinking they need drastic changes but after our investigations, we find they simply have the wrong flora in their gut making them feel depressed and self-critical. Fix that and they feel beautiful.

“Other clients may benefit from one of the latest cosmetic aesthetic options which are not intrusive yet offer life-changing results.”

“There just so many aspects to feeling beautiful and they are not necessarily extreme – I want people to know about that,” said Dr Shenouda.

Dr Shenouda said clients need an individually-designed, total-care approach that also includes other holistic tangents such aspects as psychology and nutrition to lifestyle and personal presentation.

The Géniale’s holistic salon experience will work with the individual to develop tailored strategies to achieve precisely the desired look – certainly, we can help anyone look more youthful and attractive for years to come.

“However, I believe beauty is subjective. The definition of aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.”

“So my priority is to fully explore what it is that the client personally feels will make them beautiful – and why,” said Dr Shenouda.

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