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Teeth Grinding

Help Alleviate Teeth Grinding Or Clenching


(Teeth Grinding Treatment)

Toxins are a popular treatment for clenching and grinding.

This may alleviate the inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (or TMJ) and also reshape the face by contouring the jawline.

This treatment require precision and extensive experience to avoid issues with chewing or smiling.

This procedure maybe covered by insurance if your policy stipulates that it is a medical necessity.

If is generally a safe procedure when done appropriately and treatment isn't used too frequently otherwise there may be a risk of muscle atrophy.

Results usually take effect in two or even three weeks. Patients generally need to return twice a year to maintain.

How does the procedure work?

Intramuscular treatment is a breakthrough treatment for bruxism and work by relaxing the masseter muscle – which is the muscle you use to chew.

Alternatively, we may treat into the temporalis or frontalis muscles, depending on your specific situation.

The effects usually take 3-5 days to work, and results may last 3-6 months. Many patients notice a reduction in headaches and head and jaw tension.

  • Treatment for grinding and clenching
  • Specialist Physician
  • Combination treatment
  • Improve sleep
  • Reshape, feminise and soften square face
  • 15,000 total procedures performed

Why Choose Dr Mike Shenouda

Dr Mike Shenouda is a specialist cosmetic, laser physician and proceduralist re-defining body rejuvenation in Australia.

Since graduation in 1993, Dr Shenouda has refined his talent as a cosmetic, laser physician and proceduralist (focusing on the face, eyelid, nose and vagina aesthetics).

His qualifications include:

  • Global Train The Trainer in Facial Thread lift and Fillers
  • Board Certified Cosmetic and Laser Physician (CPCA),
  • Masters in Surgical Facial and Eyelid Aesthetics (ECAMS).
  • Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Diploma of Dermatology (UK)
  • Member of the International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA),
  • Member of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS).


Dr Mike has kept his finger on the pulse of the latest practices and state-of-the-art technology in surgery and medicine.  Read his Full Bio 

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Toxin Treatment

Toxin treatment to alleviate affects of clenching and grinding

treatment syringe

Treatment of the Area

Precise treatment to relax the masseter muscle

20 Minute Procedure

No downtime with only 20 minute, painless treatments



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*Disclaimer: All procedures have risks. All results are individual. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned about Bruxism.

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