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Scar Removal Treatment

Laser Treatment of Body Scars

Dr. Mike Shenouda has helped countless patients achieve their aesthetic goals using state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing and growth factors.

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Actual Patient Results

Actual Patient Results

Actual Patient Results

Dr Mike Shenouda
Fellow Specialist Medical and Laser Physician

Dr Mike Shenouda is a vastly experienced Medical Physician with over 20 years of industry experience.

Dr Mike Shenouda is a member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia

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Dr Shenouda’s expertise and vast experience is in skin and laser management, focusing on smooth skin texture and appearance.

Laser treatment can be applied to almost any area of the body, facilitating surface rejuvenation and providing effective scar reduction results.

The laser technology is designed to revitalise the skin at a deep level to address scarring as well as a wide array of cosmetic skin concerns.
Fotona laser technology provides an effective scar treatment. The device is the result of expert level research and development, and they are effective for treating a wide range of scar tissues.

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Enquire here to discuss how Dr Shenouda can help you repair your unwanted scar tissue with Breast Scar Revision

Questions & Answers

How does it work?

Laser scar-revision treatments are a minimally invasive method to ameliorate the appearance of scarring. Fotona’s laser technology is designed to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. The lasers run on a frequency-based system, transmitting heat into the structures beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin). This concentrated heat and light transmitted into the skin creates thermal effects without causing damage to the surface. With each pass the laser ablates a very thin layer of skin, resulting in a smoother and more consistent skin condition.

The procedure can significantly reduce the visibility of scars, whether from acne, burns, surgery, or general injuries. It is only performed, however, after the patient has fully recovered from the burn or injury to minimise any complications. The treatment will then be able to reduce the remaining permanent scarring to achieve optimal results.

What does it treat?

Fotona laser treatments are ideally used to treat and minimise the appearance of scarring. The pulsing laser penetrates into the skin’s deeper structures, working to resurface the skin and thus making it appear smoother and more vibrant. This can significantly reduce the irregular texture and tone of unsightly scarring.

Scar reduction treatments are usually not urgent and should be delayed until the wound is fully healed and the scar has matured. For this reason, the procedure is designed to treat scarring that has reached a mature and permanent state. The gentle ablation of scar tissue and activation of collagen can help you achieve your desired scar reduction results.

In addition to scar reduction, the rejuvenating effects of the procedure can also address other skin conditions and concerns such as:

  • Mild to moderate skin wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentations
  • Other mild skin imperfections
How is the treatment carried out?

A consultation will be necessary to address any previous or underlying medical conditions that may affect your suitability for the procedure. This will ensure all the relevant factors are taken into account before proceeding. A personalised treatment plan will be developed and tailored to suit your specific skin conditions and concerns. It is best to avoid sun and heat exposure prior to the treatment.

The next step is the treatment itself. The handpiece technologies allow for an optimal level of control and application of the laser to the area being treated. These high performance lasers are gentle and virtually painless, which means the minimally invasive treatment will be tolerated by most patients. Any discomfort experienced by patients will usually be very minor. The duration of the treatment can vary depending on the size and severity of the affected skin.

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