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Reclaim your sleep with 50% off snoring laser treatments

Reclaim your sleep with 3 x Snoring Laser Treatments for $2,400

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Our Doctors and Aesthetic Clinicians at Géniale are highly trained and experienced in the latest, state of the art, laser technology in managing snoring.

Snoring occurs as a result of the relaxation of the soft tissue at the back of the throat blocking your airways when you sleep. Géniale’s revolutionary laser snore treatment involves a procedure to tighten the tissues that obstruct the air passage, in order to open up your airways, reduce snoring and improve the quality of sleep for you (and your loved ones). The procedure is quick, painless, and requires no sedation or pain medication. Results are immediate and will continue for up to 6 months after the treatment.

What you can expect:

  • Over 50% improvement after first treatment.
  • No down time with only 30 minute, painless treatments (3 treatments with 4 week intervals).
  • Heat generated by the laser’s photo thermal capabilities converts and forms new collagen which results in tightening of the tissues and opening up the airways


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