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Inside Out Face Lift

Our cosmetic doctors specialise in inside out facelifts.

It is a laser treatment which tightens, plumps and sculpts your face with no downtime, unlike Fraxel, it’s non-invasive!

It builds your natural collagen by treating the inside AND the outside of your cheeks with no injectables. Adding radio frequency will ensure fresh and glowing skin. Suitable for all types of skin.

Lifting resulting in tightening (wrinkle reduction) without injectables.



Step 1. We laser the cheeks from inside your mouth. Clients describe it as feeling like a warm sensation on the inside of their mouth. This stimulates lifting and tightening and neocollagenesis.

Step 2. Frac3. Long pulse laser all over the face, which works on pigment. For overall skin brightness.

Step 3. Smoothliftin. Concentrating on your areas of concern such fine lines and wrinkles under eye bags and or neck bands. The skin is heated to 40-42 degrees and kept there for 3-4 minutes and this causes lifting, tightening and neocollagenesis from the outside.

Step 4. A carbon peel with a fractionated hand piece for the ultimate in youthful rejuvenated skin.


Every person is different, but expect minimal discomfort during the treatment. Immediately following the treatment you may experience some redness or swelling that will diminish over the few hours for a mild peel and up to 48 hours for a deep peel, unlike Fraxel. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment. At around Day 4-7 after the treatment slight peeling of the skin may occur. Our patients describe it as similar to light dandruff peeling.


Wear a sunscreen everyday and reapply as necessary. A pigment inhibiting cream will be prescribed to maintain clear skin and prevent further pigmentation.

Why not try our 3D Facial – With no downtime, only a slight redness post treatment.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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