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Snoring Solutions Just for You: Laser Treatment in Sydney

Snoring is not just a nuisance for the people around you, it can also be detrimental to their health. Loud snoring can cause your partner, children, or other family members to lose vital sleep. As your partner wakes up multiple times per night, the disruptions can lead to fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Sydney Medical Cosmetics offers a snoring treatment in Sydney that uses the latest laser technology to help correct the physical cause. This painless procedure can have lasting effects, and can truly help restore quality of life for everyone. We aim to make a difference in your life, from the comfort of our modern office and using only the best technology available to aid you in your journey towards a better you.

How It Works: Laser Treatment for Snoring in Sydney

Snoring is caused by the vibration of excess tissue in the back of the throat. As you breathe in, the air is obstructed by soft tissue and has to force its way through, which make an often-unpleasant noise. The narrower the passageway for the air, the louder the sound. Snoring can occur frequently or intermittently and can have multiple causes – structural abnormalities, inflammation of tissues in the nose or throat due to medical conditions such as allergies or chronic infections, and obesity are a few of the major triggers of snoring.

Laser treatment for snoring in our Sydney office can be done quickly and efficiently, and on an outpatient basis without any need for sedation or pain medication. A Fotona Aesthetic Laser, one of the most advanced in the world, is used to gently heat the tissue in the back of the throat, causing the tissue to start to form new collagen and tighten up. This creates more space for air to pass, which reduces snoring. All you will feel is a warm sensation where the laser touches. A full course of treatment, once completed, can make an immediate difference, and will continue to help symptoms improve for up to six months.

Why Choose Sydney Medical Cosmetics?

Sydney Medical Cosmetics is your partner in the journey to rejuvenation. We believe in helping you look and feel your very best through carefully selected treatments that complement your goals. Whether you wish to eliminate spider veins or other marks or seeking to treat common, but problematic issues such as snoring, lesions, or varicose veins, we are here to ensure that your path to a new you is smooth. Our proven results show for themselves the difference we’ve made in the lives of so many women and men. We take great pride in our work, and our doctors are highly practised in the use of our Fotona laser equipment, which is renowned for its accuracy and ability to target only the intended area while leaving surrounding tissues untouched. For snoring solutions in Sydney, consider Sydney Medical Cosmetics – the premier provider of targeted, effective health and beauty treatments. Call us on 1300 88 88 04, or use our online Booking form.

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