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Are you having trouble with snoring?

Sleep well, sleep silent

Sleep well, sleep silent

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Is Our Snoring Laser Treatment Right for You?

There are many different reasons why you may choose to undergo Snoring Laser treatment.

No More Snoring

Our Snoring Laser treatment reduces the amplitude of your snoring by rejuvenating collagen within the throat.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Géniale’s Snoring Laser treatment is a quick, painless, non-invasive remedy for snoring.

20 Minute Treatment

Our Snoring Laser treatment is a brief, 20 minute, walk in walk out procedure requiring no anaesthetic. Simple and effective.

How we stop snoring

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea have been linked to greater risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other health issues. Treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea can be incredibly important, not only for your own health, but the sleep quality of others around you.

Geniale’s snoring laser treatment, Nightlase, is non-invasive and is effective in reducing the occurrence of sleep apnoea and decreases the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser induced tightening caused by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. Nightlase has a high rate of success and is an effective treatment for producing positive changes in sleep patterns.

Clinical Results

Why Geniale?

If you come to Géniale for a Snoring Laser treatment you’ll be in the incredible hands of Dr. Mike Shenouda. Dr. Shenouda is the founder of Géniale and has been in cosmetics since he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine in 1986. With a diploma in Practical Dermatology, Skin Cancer Surgery, a Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, and as a current member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Shenouda is both qualified and incredibly passionate about providing the best possible results for all of our Géniale patients.


Our Experience Géniale (French) – Brilliant (English)

From industry-leading skin cancer treatments to innovative medical aesthetic procedures, we exist to achieve brilliance in cosmetic and medical care and to promote wellness and wellbeing in all we deliver.

At Géniale, we offer an experience that is personal and individualised. Our professional team is authentically and personally invested in the goals, journey and results of each of our guests.

Our doctors have over two decades of experience in medicine. Our team’s commitment to the life-long mastery of our skills, achieved through ongoing education in the latest research and technological advances and the skilled application of innovative state-of-the-art technology and procedures.

“A Wonderful Experience with an Amazing (Smiling) Doctor Mike!”

“What a wonderful Doctor this man is - Dr Shenouda was absolutely amiable from the moment I entered his clinic. I have visited two other clinics over the last three months and finally I have not only being provided with a clear and concise explanation of my condition and why it is what it is - but he has educated name on step by step plan to resolve my condition over the next few weeks.

Dr Mike - as he likes to be called it seems - was professional yet a great bed-side manner that makes you comfortable to be who you are without shame. Truly a wonderful experience and a great human being. I recommend GENIALE (Dr Mike) to anyone who has the need to see such a specialist.”

Questions & Answers

Is it suitable for all snoring types?

While Our Snoring Laser treatment is an effective treatment for the majority of snoring ailments, other problems may prevent it from working such as a patient’s mouth anatomy, nasal issues or due to the broader issues of sleep apnea.

How Long Do Results Take?

You’ll notice improvement immediately, however generally three treatments are required over a twelve week period to give the best possible results.

Does it hurt?

Our snoring laser treatment is a painless procedure. The most common comparison is that it feels just like drinking a warm cup of tea!

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

Immediate! As a non-invasive, painless remedy, Our Snoring Treatment needs zero recovery time so you can jump straight back in to life after your treatment.

Is Anaesthesia Required?

No anaesthesia is required for this treatment.

Snoring Laser Treatment & Review

Nightlase Snoring & Apnea Treatment

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  • It's important to provide your phone number so one of our expert consultants can contact you to provide an in-depth explanation of everything about the procedure. If you would prefer not to be called, please mention this in your enquiry

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