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Science doesn’t get more beautiful than with RATIONALE.

Since the brand’s inception 25 years ago, RATIONALE has provided Australia’s leading Doctors with long term, scientific skincare solutions that deliver on their promises. RATIONALE’s optimised formulations are perfectly synchronised with the skin. Skin identical vitamins, lipids and proteins. Probiotic delivery systems precision-calibrated to reach target tissues and cells. Products that are as luxurious and gentle as they are powerful.

The cornerstone of the RATIONALE range is the Essential Six; a groundbreaking medical skincare regime drawing on world leading Australian solar skincare research to deliver all of the actives your skin needs to protect and repair sun damage and maintain healthy, glowing skin for life. The formulas also contain unique photoprotective and repair biotechnology of native Australian botanicals for the ultimate solar defence.

Achieve luminous skin for life with RATIONALE, the #1 prescribed skincare range by Australian Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

RATIONALE Essential Six

The Essential Six products work in synergy to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration to be recognised and utilised by skin cells to achieve unprecedented results. The system is simple – 3 steps in the morning and 3 steps at night. Complete skin protection and repair. For all skin types.

RATIONALE Skin Identical Formulations

The culmination of 25 years of RATIONALE R+D are their groundbreaking Skin Identical Formulations. Formulations that are Skin Identical, delivering perfect synchronicity with the skin.

RATIONALE’s revolutionary Skin Identical Formulations deliver multiple skin benefits:

  • Targeted delivery of active ingredients
  • Optimised cell-to-cell communication
  • Fortification of barrier function
  • Synergistic layering of each product to achieve maximum skin vitality and luminosity
  • Every formulation is hydrating, revitalising enzymatic function and epidermal moisturisation
  • Decreased skin sensitivity
  • Preservative free formulations – a new industry benchmark

RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment™

40 mins, $120

Instant luminosity. No downtime. This customisable skin treatment boosts radiance and targets pigmentation, sun damage and acne using powerful actives which will work with your skin’s natural physiology combined with rejuvenating LED technology, restoring a healthier clearer and more luminous tone and texture.

For best results and long-term luminosity, they are best prescribed as a course of four to six clinical treatments performed a week to a month apart, depending on your unique skin concerns. Over the course of treatment your skin therapist will tailor the actives and strengths according to your skin’s individual responses. The range includes: Lactic Acid (LA), Salicylic Acid (SA) and Pyruvic Acid (PA).

RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial™

60 mins, $180.

This rejuvenating new generation facial combines relaxing micro-circulatory massage techniques, a high potency facial mask infusion and rejuvenating LED therapy to optimise penetration of cosmeceutical actives to reinvigorate dry, dull or lacklustre skin. Skin appears immediately smoother, softer and significantly more luminous. This is the ultimate “beauty flash” treatment and the perfect introduction to the Rationale range. It is the ultimate interim treatment between your monthly in-clinic maintenance RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment™.

RATIONALE EpiNova Photosonic Facial™

90 mins, $270

This supercharged anti-ageing treatment combines photosonic and ultrasonic technology with a customised RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment™ to target signs of environmental damage, pigmentation and congestion. Relaxing micro-circulatory massage techniques improve skin tone and optimise penetration of powerful cosmeceuticals to rejuvenate sun damaged skin, improve skin texture and smooth away fine lines. Skin appears significantly more luminous and youthful.




















Every treatment at Géniale is personal and individualised. We welcome you to make an appointment to meet our team to discuss your treatment options. 




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