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Breast lift surgery aims to restore the shape and profile of breasts that have begun to droop or sag due to ageing, pregnancy, breast feeding and/or significant weight loss.

In an ideal breast, the nipple and areola complex are level with the centre of the upper arm and above where the breast crease (mammary fold) sits.

However, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and ageing can all cause breasts to droop and sag. There may also be a loss of volume and skin elasticity, resulting in the nipples being at a lower level.

Breast Lift Surgery – Techniques

Dr. Bobby Kumar uses various different techniques and incision patterns for Breast Reduction Surgery, depending on the size, shape and ptosis (droop) of the breasts at the outset and the desired results.

These include the Bennelli Technique, the Hall-Findlay Technique and the Anchor Technique (also known as the Wise Pattern).

Breast Lift Surgery – How?

Unlike Breast Reduction Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery does not aim to change the size of the breasts, but rather restore the breasts to a more natural, youthful and attractive shape.

This is done by removing loose and redundant skin and reshaping the internal breast tissue.

Breast Lift Surgery – Who?

The medical term for droop or sag is “ptosis”. The degree of Breast ptosis is measured in ‘grades’ and is the nipple position in relation to the mammory crease (breast crease).

The degree of breast ptosis with which an individual presents informs Dr. Bobby Kumar as to whether or not Breast Lift Surgery is going to best suit that particular individual and achieve the outcome they are seeking.

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Dr Bobby Kumar


Dr. Bobby Kumar is an experienced and expert Cosmetic Surgeon, completing both his Medical, Surgical and Science degrees at the University of New South Wales. He is a Surgical Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine and an International Member of the American College of Cosmetic Surgery. He is also a member of the Australian Medical Association.

Patients choose Dr. Bobby Kumar because he has a passion for Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery. Dr. Bobby Kumar focuses on optimal patient care, safety and wellbeing, bringing his artistic eye to creating natural and aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Bobby Kumar tailors each surgery to the individual patient's goals and aspirations.

Dr. Bobby Kumar has worked extensively in Cosmetic Surgery for the last 15 years, gaining comprehensive experience in Facial, Breast and Abdominal surgery. He has performed over 8000 surgical procedures during his medical career. He also brings his extensive knowledge and experience to non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures including Anti Wrinkle treatment and Dermal Fillers

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*Disclaimer. Individual results may vary. All procedures have risks, so discuss the benefits of Laser Incontinence treatment with your doctor

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